Implementing the Trump Change Agenda

By Paolo von Schirach

America has entered a new era. With his stunning political victory on November 8, non-politician Donald Trump demonstrated that he understands the mood and aspirations of the majority of Americans much better than the armies of seasoned campaigners, Washington insiders, experts, pundits, and veteran pollsters who claimed that he could not possibly succeed.

Monica Langley put it very well in her news analysis in The Wall Street Journal online, (Nov. 9, 2016; 2:37 p.m. ET):

“Win or lose, this was always going to be the campaign of Donald Trump, candidate, strategist and sole star. He ran a campaign that was frequently unscripted, controversial and off-message. It was a style that shocked the establishment and appalled many in his own Republican party. Yet, it endeared him to millions of fiercely loyal followers, and they turned out with passion. That’s because the billionaire businessman, with his brash talk and celebrity zeitgeist, tapped into a yearning for change among a significant swath of the American public. That change message was the most powerful force of 2016.The Republican nominee, in an interview in the final hours before election day, said he was most gratified that his message of change resonated across the country. “Nobody understood the message but me. The elites never got it,” Mr. Trump said. “The American public did.”

The challenge for president-elect Donald Trump is to translate the deep yearning for change that he so well understood during his campaign into workable policies that will soon begin to deliver the major transformations in domestic and foreign policies that he highlighted since he announced his decision to run for the Republican Party nomination.

America and the world should wish president-elect Donald Trump and his team success. A stronger American economy, coupled with strong national security foundations and a steady foreign policy, will benefit all Americans and hopefully the world.