President Mauricio Macri is Argentina’s best hope 

According to The Economist,even though progress has been slow on the reform front, President Mauricio Macri is the leader who can prove to the Nation and the world that Argentina can become a true modern country.
“Our biggest asset is that we are underestimated” says Mr. Pena [Argentine President Mauricio Macri Cabinet Chief]. “Without that, we wouldn’t be here”. It is all but impossible for the government to win a congressional majority [in the forthcoming national elections] in October. But it must avoid the perception of defeat, which would make {President Mauricio] Macri’s government seem like a parenthesis in a populist country, rather than the start of a new era. The election comes before the full benefit of more rational policies becomes clear. Even so, many Argentines seem to recognize that Mr. Macri is Argentina’s best chance in a generation of breaking out of its vicious cycle of populism and decline.

The Economist, The pros and cons of Macri’s gradualism, March 18, 2017