2017 Entrepreneurship / Information Technology Conference

2017 Entrepreneurship / Information Technology Conference


Dialogue on Diversity’s 2017 Entrepreneurship/IT Conference, the twenty fourth of the series, was held on September 15th in downtown Washington. GPI partnered up with the Dialogue for this conference which is designed to call up the essentials in the work of American entrepreneurs. GPI and Dialogue on Diversity are proud partners of DC Startup Week. This conference took place on the last day of the DC Startup Week.

Dr. Andrew Wyner, Dean of Graduate Studies at BAU and Paolo von Schirach, BAU Professor and President of the Global Policy Institute discussed the challenges and opportunities offered by a global market place. Dr. Wyner pointed out that a small company has to carefully evaluate the costs and benefits of “going global”. In some cases the effort may be too costly. Those who try have to be aware of the rules of the game and how they may change depending on the countries. Simple matters like units of measure and proper translations may become big headaches.

Paolo von Schirach pointed out how Africa, although still quite poor, offers great commercial opportunities for companies that offer off grid power generation solutions, water purification systems and on line education.


Dr. Andrew Wyner & Paolo von Schirach