Sustainability in Practice:  Urban Sustainability
We are pleased to continue our Sustainability Series with another webinar titled: “Sustainability in Practice:  Urban Sustainability” on May 27th, 2021, at 10:00am(EST).
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Dr. Shaleane Gee, representing Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, focused her talk on how important it is for cities to understand the public assets they possess, including open lands, buildings, and other developed properties.  Dr. Gee noted how Salt Lake City utilizes the Social Determinants of Health Framework to establish benchmarks for developing more inclusive and sustainable local economies, and emphasized how important it is for local governments in neighboring communities to communicate with each other as sustainable development isn’t just a local concern.  Representing the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Mr. Rob McMonagle discussed the ways in which Toronto facilitates small urban businesses working together in economic clusters in order to develop opportunities for local communities.  He noted how Toronto assists businesses in utilizing the GMAP tool to conduct due diligence of financing and trade opportunities to make effective decisions on strategic sourcing and risk management. He also pointed out how the city acts as a source of contacts, connections, and coordination for companies wanting to develop businesses within the city limits. Both presenters underlined that one key modality to achieve sustainable development is for cities to fully understand what physical assets they have and control (such as: land, buildings, parks) and how they can bring them to bear in  a productive way as they support their communities in building long-term economic opportunities that are equitable and lasting.
This event was held by the Global Policy Institute and Bay Atlantic University in Partnership with Bahcesehir University Political Science & International Relations – BAU POLSIR, CIFAL Istanbul and The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).
Dr. Shaleane Gee, Senior Vice President, Community & Regional Development, Zions Bank
Owner, SG Community Partners. Salt Lake City, Utah
At Zions Bank, Shaleane advises the CEO and works with community partners to develop collective action around regional challenges and opportunities to improve socioeconomic outcomes through the management and development of publicly-owned real estate assets. Through SG Community Partners, Shaleane conducts policy research and advises executives and city and state officials about how to address entrenched socioeconomic problems and deploy their resources and expertise to realize once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to improve the lives of residents and the health of communities. Shaleane previously served as Senior Advisor and Special Projects Director for former Salt Lake County Mayor and United States Congressman Ben McAdams (Democratic Party – Utah 4th District); Assistant Dean at the University of Utah; and Associate Dean at the University of Chicago. Shaleane has a BA/MA from the University of Utah and a PhD from the University of Chicago where she was an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and a Woodrow Wilson Foundation Fellow.
Rob McMonagle, Sector Development Officer – Economic Development and Culture Division, City of Toronto, Canada
Rob has extensive knowledge, training, and experience in managing, coordinating, and implementing large complex projects with multiple stakeholders. Since 2011 Rob has worked at Toronto’s Economic Development office where he has successfully introduced initiatives to accelerate the growth of Toronto’s robust green sectors. Prior to this, Rob worked at the City of Toronto’s Energy Office (2005-10) and wrote Toronto’s Sustainable Energy Plan and managed the City’s renewable energy initiatives.  Rob was the Executive Director of the Canadian Solar Industries Association from 2001-05 and was instrumental in creating Canada’s first Feed-in Tariff program. In 1980 Rob founded and ran Canada’s largest (at the time) renewable energy supply company and installed PV, solar thermal, and wind systems globally until 2000. He has authored numerous reports on implementing energy solutions including: “Vision 2020:  A Roadmap for Canada’s Solar Industries” (2005), “A Canadian Strategy for Renewable Energies” (co-author 2006), “Toronto’s Sustainable Energy Plan” (2007), “Toronto Solar Neighborhoods Initiative – Outcomes Report” (2010) and “Roadmap to Accelerate the Growth of Toronto’s Green Industries” (2019). Rob has received the Canadian Solar Leader Award (2007), Urban Power Leader Award (2010), Forest Ontario Builders Award (2015) and Canadian Green Building Council Government Builders Award (2017).
Dr. Sean Michael Cox, GPI Senior Advisor and BAU POLSIR
Welcoming Remarks
Paolo von Schirach, President Global Policy Institute and Chair Political Science and International Relations, Bay Atlantic University