WEBINAR // Can the West Stop Russia? 

Can the West Stop Russia? 

On March 4, 2022, at 12:00pm (EST) The Bay Atlantic University and The Global Policy Institute are going to hold a joint webinar on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Russia finally invaded Ukraine. It is an unprovoked war of aggression. The West had warned Moscow that there would be extremely heavy economic sanctions against Russia in case of such an attack. Yet deterrence did not work. Vladimir Putin attacked. Now the threatened sanctions have been enacted. Along with them there are new pledges by the US and other allies to supply the Ukrainians bravely resisting this invasion with more armaments. Will all this be enough to save Ukraine’s independence? Are the US and its European NATO allies united in this effort? If so, is this enough? Or will Russian aggression in the end prevail? Please join us for a timely discussion on this unfolding crisis featuring US and international experts.


Sara Vakhshouri, PhD, President, SVB Energy International

Dr. Sara Vakhshouri is an energy strategist and humanitarian visionary with two decades of experience of working in the energy industry. She has extensive experience in energy strategy, energy security and geopolitical risk and global energy market studies. She founded SVB Energy International and SVB Green Access. SVB Energy International is a strategic energy consulting firm with offices in Washington DC and Dubai. SVB Green Access, a non-profit organization that promotes and provides affordable and inclusive energy program to areas in which energy poverty exists, and safe water access is either poor or would be in great need in the future.

Dr. Vakhshouri has advised numerous countries on their energy roadmap strategy and consulted public and private entities, and international organizations like IMF, World Bank. She is also Professor of Energy Security at the Institute of World Politics.

She has published articles in numerous journals including The Economist, Middle East Economic Survey, and Oil and Gas Journal. Dr. Vakhshouri has also contributed to different energy research works and studies at the International Energy Agency (IEA), Harvard University’s Kennedy School, Oxford Energy Institute, CEDIGAZ, Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center, School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University and The Economist’s Energy Intelligence Unit.

Dr. Vakhshouri has a PhD in Energy Security and Middle Eastern Studies. She has an MA in Business Management (International Marketing) and another MA in International Relations. She has been a Senior Energy Fellow at the Atlantic Council and at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

Arnold C. Dupuy, PhD, Faculty Associate, Naval Post-graduate School, Energy Academic Group

Education: PhD, Virginia Tech

Career: Retired from the United States Army after 25 years of both active and reserve component service. In 2016, Dr. Dupuy completed a Ph.D. in Planning, Governance and Globalization at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). His dissertation title is: “Changing Patterns of Regionalism and Security in the Wider Black Sea Area: The Transformative Impact of Energy.”

Dr. Dupuy is a faculty member on the Naval Post-graduate School’s Energy Academic Group.

Separately, he is Chair of the Systems Analysis and Studies (SAS) 163, “Energy Security in the Era of Hybrid Warfare,” a NATO Science and Technology Organization program to study hybrid warfare’s impact on energy security and Alliance cohesion. Other topics of interest include geo-political aspects of energy security within the Trans-Atlantic Alliance, as well as the INDOPACOM area of responsibility.  He is an adjunct professor of political science at Virginia Tech and George Mason University.

Sean Cox, PhD, Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Bay Atlantic University

Sean Michael Cox, Ph.D., is Director of Teaching and Learning and a lecturer in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Bay Atlantic University, as well as serving as Senior Advisor at the Global Policy Institute. Prior to this he held positions as the Director of Academic Affairs & International Programs at BAU Global, responsible for the formal institutional relationships with external partners, development, and mobility actions, and earlier as professor and Associate Director for Special Programs at the University of Delaware where he administered externally funded international research and academic programs.


Paolo von Schirach, GPI President, and Chair Political Science and International Relations, Bay Atlantic University