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North Korea Won’t Start a War – Trump Shouldn’t Launch an Attack


North Korea won’t start a war – Trump shouldn’t launch an attack (Fox News)

By Douglas Macgregor

December 15, 2017

Listen to the mainstream media and President Trump’s national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, and you would conclude that war on the Korean Peninsula is imminent, right? You’d be wrong. The only way a war breaks out in Northeast Asia is if Washington starts it. Let me tell you why. The 50-year war between North Korea and its neighbor South Korea is over. North Korea lost. Dictator Kim Jong Un now presides over a dying society in the North – a prison camp full of about 25 million miserable, starving people masquerading as a country. North Korea lags in economic terms somewhere behind Ethiopia. Read the entire article posted on the Fox News website by clicking here.



Macgregor is widely known inside the U.S., Europe, Israel, China and Korea for both his leadership in the Battle of 73 Easting, the U.S. Army’s largest tank battle since World War II, and for his ground breaking books on military transformation: Breaking the Phalanx (Praeger, 1997) and Transformation under Fire (Praeger, 2003). His fourth book, Warrior’s Rage: The Great Tank Battle of 73 Easting (Naval Institute Press, 2009) describes the 1991 action for which he was awarded a Bronze Star with “V” device for valor. His books have been translated into Hebrew, Chinese, Russian and Korean. His fifth book, Margin of Victory, is currently available from Naval Institute Press.

In 28 years of service Macgregor taught in the Department of Social Sciences at West Point, commanded the 1stSquadron, 4th Cavalry, and served as the Director of the Joint Operations Center at SHAPE in 1999 during the Kosovo Air Campaign. He was awarded the Defense Superior Service medal for his role in the Kosovo Air Campaign.

Since leaving the Army, Macgregor has worked as a consultant to advise a host of individuals and organizations including the Office of the Secretary of the Navy, the Joint Staff, Bell Laboratories, and Raytheon Corporation on issues ranging from strategic roadmaps to the integration of disruptive technologies. He has testified as an expert witness before congress and appeared on Fox Business, PBS News Hour, the BBC, CBC, RT, and CNN.


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