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The Bottom Line on Electric Cars: They’re Cheaper To Own

The Bottom Line on Electric Cars: They’re Cheaper To Own

Constance Douris

November 16, 2017

The price of electric vehicles is coming down, but they still look expensive compared with many gasoline-powered cars. That comparison, though, is misleading. Once you figure in the cost of ownership, especially maintenance and fuel, electric vehicles are a bargain despite the up-front price tag. I have written a commentary on this topic for Forbes here.


constanseConstance Douris is Vice President of the Lexington Institute. She has published articles and white papers on the smart grid, nuclear deterrence, missile defense and European security. Douris has given speeches on smart grid data privacy, cyber security of the electric grid and the European financial crisis. Douris has been interviewed, published or quoted by the Associated Press, New York Times, Washington Post,  Boston Globe, Orange County Register, Japan Times, CBS, NBC, ABC, China Global Television Network, Defense News, Air Force Times, RealClearDefense, Business Insider, The National Interest and other media outlets.

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