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What The US Army Must Do To Prepare For A War With Russia (From 1945)

What The US Army Must Do To Prepare For A War With Russia (From 1945)

Daniel Goure

February 25th, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is just the latest in a series of aggressions the Kremlin has perpetrated over the past decade on its path toward re-creating the Russian Empire and expanding its influence internationally. This latest attack demonstrates that the Russian military’s multi-decade modernization program is working. It also shines a spotlight on areas where the Russian military holds an advantage over its NATO counterparts, such as its arsenal of ballistic missiles and long-range artillery. The sophisticated, multi-domain assault on Ukraine may soon put the Russian Army along virtually the entire length of NATO’s eastern borders. The threat to Poland and the Baltic states will go up exponentially. To successfully deter further Russian aggression, it is important that the U.S. Army, the primary Service that will have to respond to a Russian attack on NATO in Europe, fix its critical capability gaps immediately. I have written more on what needs to be done here.

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Daniel Gouré, Ph.D., is a vice president at the public-policy research think tank Lexington Institute. Goure has a background in the public sector and U.S. federal government, most recently serving as a member of the 2001 Department of Defense Transition Team.