Meet GPI’s new Senior Adviser Malkah Nobigrot Kleinman

Malkah Nobigrot Kleinman

Ms. Malkah Nobigrot is currently the Director of Institutional Relations in Diarq Design and Architecture and advisor to Ms. Gina Diez Barroso, one of the most influential business women in Mexico. She holds a B.A law degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana and a Master´s Degree from Harvard Law School, where she received a full scholarship and worked as a visiting researcher. She equally holds a Diploma both in Project Management from Georgetown University and in Oral Hearings from USAID/Proderecho.

She was the first Mexican to be selected to enter the Young Professional Program at the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) where she worked as Junior Advisor to the Bank´s President, as an Operations Specialist and as an Advisor to the Special Representative in Europe. In Mexico she has been appointed to different positions in the Mexican Government at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Finance, the Federal Electricity Commission, and, most recently, as the Advisor and International Coordinator to the Mexico City Secretary of Economic Development. She also worked as a law clerk for the Mexican Supreme Court Chief Justice, Hon. Mariano Azuela, as a lawyer at the prestigious law firm Goodrich, Riquelme and Partners, and as a governance, communications and international negotiator in Inteligencia Publica.

Ms. Nobigrot has been invited as a keynote and public speaker in both Mexico and abroad and has been interviewed in national and international media. She also worked as a content producer, TV and Radio presenter and political analyst in Capital Media and Proyecto 40 TV networks.

She is Vice-President of the Academy of Journalist in the Mexican Society of Geography and Statistics – the oldest society in Latin America, and is a member of the Mexican Council of Foreign Affairs and the Mexican Society of TV and Radio Journalists.